2016- Present     Distinguished Staff Scientist, Idaho National Laboratory
2004-2016           Senior Research Scientist, Idaho National Laboratory
1999-2004           Research Scientist, Idaho National Laboratory
1996-1999           Postdoctoral Research Associate, Florida State University
1995                     Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Missouri-St. Louis
1995                     Ph.D., Physical Chemistry, University of Cincinnati
1993                     M.S., Physical Chemistry, University of Cincinnati
1988                     B.S., Chemistry, Denison University


My primary research interest is centered upon the study of the effects of gamma radiolysis on solvent extraction processes related to the nuclear fuel cycle and development new chemical separations for the recovery or minor actinides from used nuclear fuel.

Recent Publications

  1. Peterman, D. R.; Zarzana, C. A.; Tillotson, R. D.; McDowell, R. G.; Rae, C.; Groenewold, G. S.; Law, J. D. Evaluation of the Impacts of Gamma Radiolysis on an ALSEP Process Solvent. Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry. 2018, 316 (2), 855-860.

  2. Holfeltz, V.; Campbell, E. L.; Peterman, D. L.; Standaert, R. F.; Paulenova, A.; Lumetta, G. J.; Levitskaia, T. G. Effect of HEH[EHP] Impurities on the ALSEP Solvent Extraction Process. Solvent Extraction and Ion Exchange. 2018, 36 (1), 22-40.

  3. Zalupski, P. R.; Grimes, T. S.; Heathman, C. R.; Peterman, D. R. Optical Absorption Characteristics For 7F0→5L6 and 7F0→7F6 Transitions of Trivalent Americium Ion in Aqueous Electrolyte Mixtures. Applied Spectroscopy, 2017, 71 (12), 2608-2615.

  4. Peterman D.; Geist, A.; Mincher, B. J.; Modolo, G.; Galan, M. H.; Olson, L.; McDowell, R. Performance of an i-SANEX System Based on a Water-Soluble BTP Under Continuous Irradiation in a γ-Radiolysis Test Loop. Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research. 2016, 55 (39), 10427-10435.

  5. Zarzana, C. A.; Peterman, D. R.; Groenewold, G. S.; Olson, L. G.; McDowell, R. G.; Bauer, W. F.; Morgan, S. J. Investigation of the Impacts of Gamma Radiolysis on an Advanced TALSPEAK Separation. Separation Science and Technology, 2015, 50 (18), 2836-2843.