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2020 International Conference on Ionizing Processes

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The 3rd International Conference on Ionizing Processes (ICIP) will be hosted by the Center for Radiation Chemistry Research at Idaho National Laboratory, held July 12 -17, 2020.

The ICIP focuses on the fundamental chemical, physical and biological science of ionizing radiation and its applications in areas such as nuclear energy, materials synthesis and medicine. The goal of this interdisciplinary conference is to catalyze the interchange of new ideas and recent discoveries by researchers from all over the world, in addition to educating and promoting the next generation of scientists interested in radiation-driven processes. We welcome you to attend the ICIP 2020 and be a part of a proud tradition of stimulating great advances in understanding ionizing processes!

The tentative ICIP 2020 scientific program will cover the following range of topics:

​•  Advanced analytical and irradiation techniques​•  Astrochemistry
​•  Material synthesis and damage​•  Molten salt chemistry
​•  Nuclear energy challenges​•  Radiobiology and biochemistry
​•  Radiochemistry​•  SEM and crystallography damage
​•  Theoretical and computational radiation chemistry​•  Ultrafast radiation chemistry


ICIP Steering Committee Members

Jay A. LaVerne

Chair, University of Notre Dame

Gregory P. Horne 

ICIP 2020 Chair, Idaho National Laboratory

James F. Wishart

ICIP Previous and Founding Chair, Brookhaven National Laboratory

Mohamad Al-Sheikhly

ICIP 2018 Chair, University of Maryland

Dave M. Bartels

University of Notre Dame

Ian Carmichael

University of Notre Dame

Mark S. Driscoll

College of Environmental Science and Forestry

​​John R. Miller

Brookhaven National Laboratory

Dianne Poster

National Institute of Standards and Technology

Christian Schöneich

University of Kansas

Previous ICIP Conferences

Long Island, NY

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ICIP 2018
Annapolis, MD

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