2013-Present      Research Scientist, Idaho National Laboratory
2011-2013           Postdoctoral Researcher, Idaho National Laboratory
2006-2011           Ph.D., Washington State University
2003-2006           B.S., Chemistry, California State University San Bernardino


My research focuses on thermodynamic and kinetic characterization concerinig the manipulation of f-elements in aqueous and organic systems, for the purposes of expanding our understanding of f-element complex chemistry and developing new separation processes for evolving nuclear fuel matrices.

Recent Publications

  1. Horne, G. P.; Grimes, T. S.; Bauer, W. F.; Dares, C. J.; Pimblott, S. M.; Mezyk, S. P.; Bruce J. Mincher, B. J. Effect of Ionizing Radiation on the Redox Chemistry of Penta- and Hexavalent Americium. Inorganic Chemistry, 2019, 58, 8551−8559.

  2. Heathman, C. R.; Grimes, T. S.; Jansone-Popova, S.; Ivanov, A. S.; Bryantsev, V. S.; Zalupski, P. R. Synthesis and Characterization of a Novel Aminopolycarboxylate Complexant for Efficient Trivalent f-element Differentiation: N-butyl-2-acetamide-diethylenetriamine-N,N',N'',N''-tetraacetic Acid. Dalton Transactions, 2018, 47, 1092-1105.

  3. Grimes, T. S.; Heathman, C. R.; Jansone-Popova, S.; Ivanov, A. S.; Santanu R.; Bryantsev, V. S.; Zalupski, P. R. Influence of Heterocyclic N-Donor Group on the Coordination of Trivalent Actinides and Lanthanides by Aminopolycarboxylate Complexants. Inorganic Chemistry, 2018, 57 (3), 1373-1385.

  4. Zalupski, P. R.; Grimes, T. S.; Heathman, C. R.; Peterman, D. R. Optical Absorption Characteristics For 7F0→5L6 and 7F0→7F6 Transitions of Trivalent Americium Ion in Aqueous Electrolyte Mixtures. Applied Spectroscopy, 2017, 71 (12), 2608-2615.

  5. Grimes, T. S.; Horne, G. P.; Dares; C. J.; Pimblott, S. M.; Mezyk, S. P.; Mincher, B. J. Kinetics of the Autoreduction of Hexavalent Americium in Aqueous Nitric Acid. Inorganic Chemistry, 2017, 56 (14), 8295-8301.