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 Bruce J. ​Mincher






1997       Ph.D., University of Idaho
1989       M.S., Chemistry, University of Idaho
1979       B.S., Biology, State University of New York


Bruce J. Mincher has performed research in the areas of radio- and radiation chemistry for the last 35 years, with much of that time devoted to understanding radiation effects on nuclear fuel cycle chemistry. Of especial interest has been the mechanism and kinetics of the radiolytic degradation of metal complexing agents used to perform actinide separations during nuclear fuel reprocessing. Arriving at an understanding of this chemistry requires the application of steady state and pulsed radiolysis, and state-of-the-art mass spectrometric analytical techniques. He received his PhD in chemistry from the University of Idaho in 1997, with dissertation research focusing on the radiolysis of the polychlorinated biphenyls and has published more than 100 peer-reviewed research papers and book chapters on these topics. He was also a recipient of the Idaho National Laboratory Director’s Distinguished Scientific Achievement Award in 2009, inventor and co-inventor of five U.S. patents, and received an Emmy award for the television series, “Understanding Chemistry in our World.”

Selected Publications

    1. Dares, C. J.; Lapides, A. M.; Mincher, B. J.; Meyer, T. J. Electrochemical Oxidation of 243Am(III) in Nitric Acid by a Terpyridyl-derivatized Electrode. Science, 2015, 350 (6261), 652-655.

    2. Mincher, B. J.; Modolo, G.; Mezyk, S. P. Review Article: The Effects of Radiation Chemistry on Solvent Extraction: 1. Conditions in Acidic Solution and a Review of TBP Radiolysis. Solvent Extraction and Ion Exchange, 2009, 27 (1), 1-25.

    3. Mincher, B. J.; Mezyk, S. P.; Martin, L. R. A Pulse Radiolysis Investigation of the Reactions of Tributyl Phosphate with the Radical Products of Aqueous Nitric Acid Irradiation. Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 2008, 112 (28), 6275-6280.

    4. Mincher, B. J.; Curry, R. D. Considerations for Choice of a Kinetic Fig. of Merit in Process Radiation Chemistry for Waste Treatment. Applied Radiation and Isotopes, 2000, 52 (2), 189-193.

    5. Mincher, B. J.; Arbon, R. E.; Knighton, W. B.; and Meikrantz, D. H. Gamma-Ray-Induced Degradation of PCBs in Neutral Isopropanol Using Spent Nuclear Fuel. Applied Radiation and Isotopes, 1994, 45 (8), 879-887.