Distinguished Postdoctoral Associate Program​ ​



​The Deslonde de Boisblanc Distinguished Postdoctoral Associate Appointment is competitively awarded to early career researchers who embody the spirit of ingenuity of de Boisblanc and who have leadership potential. This highly competitive appointment is intended to recognize distinguished postdoctoral associates and to provide them with experience, mentoring and training to further develop their capabilities.




The Russell L. Heath Distinguished Postdoctoral Associate Program is designed to attract, recruit, develop and inspire early career researchers who have the potential to develop into INL's future scientific and technical leaders. This highly competitive appointment is intended to recognize and provide distinguished postdoctoral associates with experience, mentoring and training to develop their capabilities. The engagement of early career research talent is critical to the success of INL's mission areas.


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​The Glenn T. Seaborg Distinguished Postdoctoral Program is designed to nurture early-career Ph.D. scientists and engineers with a specific focus on the actinide elements in support of nuclear energy, nuclear fuel cycle, waste treatment and proliferation topics. This highly competitive appointment will provide the candidate with a very structured environment centered on specific research topics while allowing flexibility to further the candidate's interests. The full support of the national laboratory, along with energetic and talented colleagues, will offer the candidate an excellent opportunity for development of a rewarding career in this field.