2018-2020           Internship, Idaho National Laboratory
2017-Present      Graduate Student, Florida State University 
2016                     Internship, Savannah River National Laboratory
2013-2016           B.S., Chemistry, Augusta University


My interests lie in the redox and electrochemical behavior of f-block elements, with an emphasis on lanthanide-actinide separations and extractions used in nuclear fuel cycle applications. These interests have led to expanding the scope of my research to include understanding how ionizing-radiation fields affect the redox chemistry of actinides in waste streams and reprocessing solvent systems, in particular the late actinides.


  1. ​Toigawa, T.; Peterman, D.R.; Meeker, D.S.; Grimes, T.S.; Zalupski, P.R.; Mezyk, S.P.; Cook, A.R.; Yamashita, S.; Kumagai, Y.; Matsumura, T.; Horne, G.P., Radiation-Induced Effects on the Extraction Properties of Hexa-n-octylnitrilo-triacetamide (HONTA) Complexes of Americium and Europium. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics2021,​